And Lots of Other Stuff, too

I’m a contributor to Outlet Publishing’s Diary of a Young Writer. 

diary of a young writer

I made a cute wee writing prompt:



I’ve written reviews:

The Hobbit (Book Review for Polaris magazine)

Poetry @ Inn Deep (Spoken event review for Glasgow University Magazine)

Odd Beasts by The Menagerie (Album review for Glasgow University Magazine)

Experience Essential by Kevin Gilday and the Glasgow Cross (Album review for Transistor)
Hypocrisy by Imogen Stirling (Theatre/Spoken word Show review)

Infinite Cinema by Aboriginals (Album review for the website)

If you want me to write you a honest review for your book, event, film, album, exhibition or anything else, please visit the Contact page for details.


I write the odd post for my own website

One Year Of Dear Octopus Writing

11 Life Lessons From My Thirteen Year Old Self

Down With The Sickness

20170723_203911As well as the odd fan fiction on Archive of Our Own. 

The Abzorbaloff’s Wife (Dr Who fan fiction)

Don’t You Know Who I Am? (Superman fan fiction)

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Header image: Display for a classroom, back when I was a school assistant. They were designed by Twinkl, I just laminated them, so I can’t claim ownership or anything.

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