And Lots of Other Stuff, too

I’m a regular contributor to Outlet Publishing’s Diary of a Young Writer. 

diary of a young writer

I’ve written reviews:

The Hobbit (Book Review for Polaris magazine)

Poetry @ Inn Deep (Event review for Glasgow University Magazine)

Odd Beasts by The Menagerie (Album review for Glasgow University Magazine)

If you want me to write you a honest review for your book, event, film, album, exhibition or anything else, please visit the Contact page for details.


I write the odd post for my own website

One Year Of Dear Octopus Writing

11 Life Lessons From My Thirteen Year Old Self

Down With The Sickness

20170723_203911As well as the odd fan fiction on Archive of Our Own. 

The Abzorbaloff’s Wife (Dr Who fan fiction)

Don’t You Know Who I Am? (Superman fan fiction)

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Header image: Display for a classroom, back when I was a school assistant. They were designed by Twinkl, I just laminated them, so I can’t claim ownership or anything.

Featured image drawn by me, @dearoctopus4