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A whimsical flash following the American Lobster and Snapper Fish in an aquaium inspired by Den Blå Planet (Copenhagen). They have shaed shared the same tank for years, yet their fascination for the Dry World on the other side of the glass never ceases. Image by @dearoctopus4

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Jotters United

Published a trio of flash fictions ‘Embers’, which I wrote as part of a university appliation. They all tell the stories of three characters looking into a fire.

A child discovers smores while spending time with their older brother on Bonfire Night

A homeless person finds cathartic release when she lights a campfire for the night.

An executive has a realisation after a family emergency one Christmas

Read the full collection by clicking here now

bonfire night

Featured Image by @Dazzdraws, inspired by the Child story.


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All the flash fictions published here are based on personal experiences.

Love Letter 

love letter

An address to my former high school unrequited love, an apology of sorts.

Image by @wandresskenzie.


nightclubbing by ninafacedesigns

A precocious seventeen year old me goes to a trashy nightclub in downtown Wellington, and documents what she sees.

Image by Nina Soto


Still Life 

still life girl

An attempt to fit in at school backfires, as a seventeen year old me attempts to get a photo taken for the yearbook.  Image by @wardresskenzie

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Extract of Solidarity (October 26th)


First Violinist (November  29th 2016)

Feline Endurance (April 8th 2017)

Phonecall (February 9th 2018)

binka_feline endurancefirst violinist final edit




Pulp Metal Magazine

Born This Way

A teenage boy is at a loss as to what his life’s purpose is. Then, while out hunting rabbits with his uncle, he has a disturbing revelation…


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