Cemetary Tale

1- The Bloodbank

Arms around his waist

His teeth in her arm

The bloodbank is but seventeen

His intent is for harm

She’s lost in her dark fairy tales

He is a wastrel with an acquired taste.


It’s an unquenchable addiction

Human blood

He’s got it bad

He craves his love

But not in the way that she craves him

Before sunrise, she’ll meet her fate grim.


2- The Slayer

The slayer is the strongest girl I know of.

She fights parasites like him every night

She’s the chosen one

She has to be forever mighty

Her dreams are borrowed from other stories

Of ‘normal life’ no matter how boring.


Her calling feeds on the scraps of humanity she has left

I’m surprised she’s not gone mad

She gets no buzz from the kill,

There’s no fun to be had

From scouring the graveyards every night

Searching for some vampire to fight.


3. The Bloodsucker

Blood, blood, blood.

No other substance beats it for him

Nothing ever tastes the same

It’s a need worse than heroin,

And he loves the kill and the chase

Seducing his victim, feel her final breath

Before he tears her throat from her neck.



4- Meeting

The night’s cold

She’s no mood for stale air

He is on the hunt- he spots her

Walking amongst the graves.

She looks no more than fifteen

He catches her gaze

His morale code is so dampened its unreadable!

Young blood’s best.

‘Mourning dear old grandmamma?’

He snickers to himself

‘I think she will be vulnerable!’

They finally meet on the path

When she sees, she sprints

The fight will become a bloodbath.


Ha, ha, ha

This little spindly young thing

Wants to take him in a fight?

He is immortal, neverending

But then he realises by her punch

That she is the slayer, and his

Days of drinking blood are done.


Stabbed in the chest

The stake turns him to dust.

The slayer doesn’t enjoy her work

She does what she must

To protect the world from the

Demon scourges, evil

And that vampire disease.


(c) Jen Hughes

First published on Seakay’s Guide To Storytelling


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