Pirates (Flash Fiction)

Sunlight seeps through the window. Where am I? I look around. A wooden cabin. It is too hot in here. A blonde-haired young man stands over me, yelling “Tell me where the map is!”

I am tied to a wooden chair. “Map?” I look up at him. He’s a pirate, wearing torn trousers, leather boots, a pointed hat. I can see the sword attached to a pilfered gold belt.

“Yes the map! To Ruby Island!” he yells, louder this time. His steel grey eyes stare through me.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I tell him. “Why does this Island mean so much to you?”

“The treasure, of course!” He takes his sword from the belt and hovers it near my face. “Legend has it that this treasure chest will contain anything I desire. That’s why I must have it!”

I look at the sword as he held it to my throat. It glittered in the light, you could see the hand carved runes that read: Deliverer. “I don’t have it! I swear I don’t have it! Please, spare me?” I cry.

He is shaking with rage. You can see the doubt rush in his eyes. Just as he is about to kill me, we hear a voice: “Kids! Dinner time!”

We break character, and look at each other.  We laugh. “Coming Mum!”

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