Gladiators Ready! (Flash Fiction)

We were kitted up with armour and laser guns. We were comrades, friends if you like. But then we entered the dark coliseum and it was every man for themselves. The armours colours that once flashed Red or Blue now dissipated into a blinding white. I hid at the Red base, futile I know, but familiar ground. It gave me some time to think away from the slaughter. The klaxon sounds, signalling the gladiators to run at each other.  The music playing thunks deafeningly. Why do I feel so alone? So afraid? I always fought better with two other people. I could feed off their synergy, and plan tactically. This is just a case of brute vs brute. And let’s face it, I’m no brute. I’m not tall enough for starters. I cross myself and run into battle.

I see a former teammate in the distance. Blirtzt! I am hit in the shoulder. He snickers and runs away. Blirtzt! I am hit on the back. Blirtzt! Blirtzt! Blirtzt! I am shot in all directions, before I know it I am surrounded by them, laughing as my weaponry and armour cease to function. I look like a fool. A siren goes off and a robotic voice says “Game Over.” I remember how much I fucking hate lasertag.

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