Is Love A Violent Feeling? (poem, link)

You see, I don’t know if this is love

I’ve fooled myself before

So forgive me for not going fast enough

And being armed to the teeth.


I’ve got daggers on each hip

I’ve loaded a crossbow

Forgive me for complaining but

My arms are sore, you know.


This wild, raw feeling kicks like a horse

Intimacy is earned not conquered

But I know you already know that.

You’ve said it already.


Yet I’m still on the defensive

You want to see through the gaps in my stitches

What’s so special about a bunch of wounds?

What sight do you think you’re missing?


Back! I’ll shoot! Don’t get too close

You’ll see that I’m just patchwork

Like the monster in Frankenstein

You’ll freak out, leave and I’ll be hurt.


But, you hold me as I tremble.

The crossbow is on the ground

You aren’t going anywhere, are you?


Please stay here. Get your pen-knife

Open up these stitches

You ask me, why?

I need you to see me for what I am


And embrace every bit of it.

I need to clean these wounds

Before they fester and kill me.

Before they see me ruined


Let the ghosts of the past and demons out

Let them out of our ribcages

Take a sword from my hand

And let’s face them




Sidenote: This is a poem I entered for the Scottish Book Trust Secrets and Confessions competition.

It can be viewed on their website here:


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